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This lovely set of tiles are set in a beautiful frame measuring 11" high by 19" across by 1.5" thickness in the frame. The tiles themselves measure 6" square.  There are two tiles in all, one depicts an image of a woman in a sunburst design, the other a young man in profile. They were made by the U.S. Encaustic Tile Works, which was located in Indianapolis, IN, c1886-1932. The tile of the woman is documented in the tile reference book by Norman Karlson, the young man is not, but given they came from the same surround, both are likely made by them. We did not remove the professionally-backed frame to examine the backside of these tiles. The paper backing bears a 'Frame Factory' sticker and the name 'Arthur Rees' is written in ballpoint pen. (We found an obituary for a man named Arthur Rees (1903-2003) from Elmira, NY, he was 99 years-old at the time of his death, a good, long life.) Given the glaze treatment, which is a majolica-type glaze, these likely date to c1890s-1900. The glaze is a reddish brown high gloss, which thins at the high points, adding a nice dimensional element to this set. They are in high relief. The tiles are framed in a very nice frame with a background that is made from brown felt, a very rich presentation set. These tiles came from a schoolhouse in Elmira, NY, which was built in the late 1800s. The school, we were told, closed many years later and the tiles were rescued from a fireplace surround, and framed as a memory for someone who attended the school as a child. We do not know which school these were taken from, only that it was in Elmira, NY. This very handsome framed tile set is in near original condition, with just one surface nick on the high point of the collar of the young man's shirt, and normal handling wear. They present absolutely beautifully. Shipping will be based upon your zip code. If questions, please ask.

U.S. Encaustic Tile Works Framed Tile Set from Elmira, NY Schoolhouse c1890s

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