This set of identical corbels measure a very large 14.5" high by 8" across by 9" deep.  Corbels were ornamental pieces added to accent the woodwork in a home.  Corbels would flank an entrance to a foyer or room, and oftentimes would have a shelf spanning the doorway for books or other objects of interest....a lost art accent in modern homes.  They are oak-carved, and they depict a man playing a flute.  They are identical.  They present like a Tudor-style figural, perhaps bordering on the Arts & Crafts genre, and beautifully carved.  These may be American made, or perhaps English in origin, we do not know.  This set comes from a Long Island, NY estate many years ago.  We actually purchased them to add to a library remodeling project and the design got changed again and again, so here these guys sit after many years.  There are stray marks on the backsides, and one actually looks to have a more formal impressed mark near the bottom edge, but we cannot decipher any of it.  One appears to be dated '1911' in someone's hand, as if scratched in, which would fit with the home that they came from.....we were told they came from a tudor-built home from c1908-10.  They appear to have been installed and show some minor stray paint marks in white on the back edges, but overall very well cared for and in near original condition.  These guys make an awesome presentation, and would serve handsomely in their intended capacity.  Each corbel weighs nearly 9 pounds, from an era when things were made well, and with pride of workmanship.

Tudor/Arts & Crafts-Style Figural Oak-Carved Corbels of Men Playing Flutes


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