This unusual Mexican Tlaquepaque pottery plate measures 10" in diameterBest of all, it has rabbits painted in the decoration, which is quite unusual.  Tlaquepaque was made for the tourist industry during the 1930-40s.  Each piece is hand-painted with everyday scenes, a great folkart presentation.  This plate is glazed in the favored black ground, with beautifully vivid colors in the decoration and piped in a creamy accent border.  It is finished to a semi-gloss sheen.  It is embossed 'Made in Mexico' on the bottom.  This plate is in good condition, with a couple of glaze surface chips on the edges, mostly on the backsideThis pottery was fired at lower temperatures, so nicks and chips are the norm.  This Tlaquepaque plate makes a beautifully folksy and cheerful presentation!

Tlaquepaque Hexagonal Plate c1930-40s Tourist Pottery Mexico In Black Glaze


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