This Stangl very scarce 'Golden Crowned Kinglets' bird figural stands about 5" high by 5" across by 2.5" wide. It is a hard bird set to find in the standard bird series. It depicts the mother with her chicks. They have wonderful colors and accents. They are well marked 'Stangl Pottery Birds', incised shape number 3853, and initialed by Trenton decorator 'GJ', whose identity we believe might be Josephine Grazikowski, who signed with a 'G', and her first name may be the reason for the 'J'. Other listed artists with those initials from Flemington all listed their first name initial first.  It's anyone's guess, but fun to speculate. This bird set is in excellent condition, with one very small surface glaze chip restoration to the base side edge, which is not visible to the naked eye, a great restoration. This very scarce bird set makes a very handsome presentation. If you collect Stangl birds and this one has eluded you, here's your chance!

$OLD! TY! Stangl 'Golden Crowned Kinglets' #3853 Bird 5" Josephine Grazikowski

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