This beautiful Shearwater Pottery vase stands 6" high 3" in diameter. It has a classic form, with a carved body. Best of all, it is decorated in a vintage Shearwater style by Patricia Anderson Findeisen, daughter of Peter Anderson. Patricia decorated this vase with what may be a stylized blossom with a leafy base, rising to a frilly blossom head, with petals in purple and white.  It's interesting what the eye captures, and how one translates the image.  You may see something totaly different, perhaps waves in a coastal setting, you decide.  Whatever the decoration is, it is very fluid in its design, a lovely jewel. The Shearwater Pottery, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, rebuilt their pottery and homes, and today are producing pottery in the same style and manner as before, one piece at a time, and by hand. This gorgeous vessel is glazed in a rainbow of colors, in Patricia's signature style. It is marked on the base with an impressed 'Shearwater' mark, along with a number '01', presumably for the date 2001, so pre-Katrina, along with Patricia's 'D/P' cipher. It is in original studio condition, with the usual glaze nuances of hand decorated pots. This Shearwater vase, makes a stunning presentation!

Shearwater 6" Vase W/Stylized Decoration by Patricia Anderson Findeisen d2001



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