This S.E.G. bowl measures 2" high by 6" in diameter. It has a classic flared form with a narrow base. This bowl is decorated with a beautiful band of Sunflower blossoms, with trailing berries and leaves encircling the interior rim. It is glazed in a simple off-white glaze, with a band of colorful blossoms and berries, all on a very small scale as if in miniature, which goes nicely on this small bowl. The artwork is likely a student's work. The bowl is well signed L.S. and dated 1931, which are the initials of Lili Shapiro, a seasoned decorator at S.E.G. who was known to mentor students, and often, if a piece has Shapiro's initials along with another's, it is because the other initials belong to a student. In this case, there is a faint set of initials that reads 'F_, looks like 'F. L.' or 'F.H.', not sure, so we cannot identify the artist with any certainty. This handsome flared bowl is in near original condition, with some no harm black spots from firing in the interior center of the bowl, and some fine overall crazing, with a fine crazing line at the rim, which we show in the photos. This very sweet vessel makes a charming Arts & Crafts presentation!

$OLD! Saturday Evening Girls S.E.G. Bowl w/Sunflowers/Berries 1931 Lili Shapiro


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