This impressive Royal Vienna Austrian porcelain vase stands 9" high by 4" in diameter.  This lovely vase likely dates to c1880 or so.  It has a beautiful statuesque form, with a beautiful portrait of 'Ruth', signed Wagner in the portrait oval edges.  The artwork is exceptional!  The vase is porcelain white with a subtle motherof-pearl lustre, blushed in blue, shading light and dark.  It is cloaked in a gilded jacket, which is ornamental and boasts a garden of  blossoms in fine, fine detail.  This vase is marked on the base with the 'beehive' mark, and entitled 'Ruth.', Dec:284, Depose.  There are remnants of a paper label on the base as well.  This vessel is in factory mint condition, with a factory stilt pull under the base edge as can be seen in the photos.  This vase is a stunning example, with superb porcelain quality and exceptional artwork, in the portraiture and the gilt ornamentation.

Royal Vienna Porcelain 9" Vase 'Ruth' By Wagner Polychome & Gilt Decoration

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