This impressively glazed Royal Hickman vessel stands 5" high by 3" in diameter. It has a classic form with a very interesting glaze application. The glaze is a fabulous blending of frothy, thick colors, which is likely a 'Petty Crystal' glaze combination that Hickman used while working at the Russell Potteries in Paris, Tennessee.  Frank Petty developed the glaze, and Hickman used it on many of his designs over the years. The glaze drips randomly to just about the half way point of the pot, leaving the terra cotta under glaze naked of over glaze color.  I've seen this with other potters over the years, but not a Hickman, so this is definitely a curiosity.  This vase is marked Hickman USA on the base, along with its shape number 501. It is in original factory condition, no apologies. If you like unusual Hickman vessels, this one is super!

$OLD! Royal Hickman Drip GlazeVase Over Terra Cotta Original Condition



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