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This vase stands 8.5" high by 3.5" in diameter. This one is especially nice, in that it is glazed in 'Grand Canyon Brown', which is a glaze that I believe was developed by master potter Sebastiano Maglio. Maglio designed many of Haeger's mid-century lines, and made many specialty pieces through the years that were not factory production runs, so some of his work is really prized by collectors. The glaze is very striking in a layered presentation over a cedar orangy-brown at the rim, and transitioning to different complementary colors all the way to the base, a killer glaze on this piece! This vessel is well marked on the base and it is in original factory condition, with a no-harm tiny glaze miss at the base edge, but no apologies. It's a beautiful pot!

Royal Haeger Vase in Grand Canyon Brown Glaze Developed by Sebastiano Maglio

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