This Royal Haeger Rooster and Hen set stands nearly 11.5" high by 9" across by 4" wide for the rooster, and 10.5" high by 9" across by 5" wide for the hen.  This set is a design by Sebastiano Maglio, an Italian artist and potter from Italy, whose tenure began in the early 1960s.  This set is glazed in Haeger's signature 'Peasant Red' glaze, in a near matte finish. This set is well marked on the base, and well documented in the reference books. They are in factory original condition with some no harm rubs in the glaze from handling, but no damage, as can be seen in the photos. 

$OLD! Royal Haeger Rooster/Hen Set Sebastiano Maglio in Peasant Red Glaze c1960


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