This unusal tissue holder box was a featured shape for Haeger Potteries over the years. This one is especially nice, in that it is glazed in 'Grand Canyon Brown', which is a glaze that I believe was developed by master potter Sebastiano Maglio. Maglio designed many of Haeger's mid-century lines, and made many specialty pieces through the years that were not factory production runs, so some of his work is really prized by collectors. This tissue box holder measures 3" high by 10.75" long by 6.25" wide. It is a standard form to hold a standard low and long tissue box still produced by tissue manufacturers today. There are embossed outlines of leaves and a blossom, but the glaze is what is the most striking about this box, a killer glaze on this piece! It is in original factory condition, no apologies.

For the curious, this is a blurb about Maglio that I found online some time ago. 'Sebastiano Maglio was born in Italy in 1934, during the interwar period and a world wide recession. In spite of this environment, Maglio was nurtured by the beauty, precision, and art of pottery. The son of a potter, and raised in a village known for its pottery, Maglio spent his youth as a potter’s apprentice. Maglio was hired by Joseph F. Estes in 1963 after he presented his techniques for an exhibition in Chicago. Maglio created a strong following through both his craftsmanship and showmanship and continued to mentor young potters until his retirement from the company.'

Royal Haeger Grand Canyon Brown Glaze Developed by Sebastiano Maglio Tissue Hold