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This Roseville Zephry Lily ewer stands a charming 6.25" high by 4.25" across by 3.5" in diameter. As ewers go, this is the smallest in the line, very sweet with an inverted stem handle at its side. This ewer is decorated with Zephyr Lily blossoms on the front and back. It has a great swirled background pattern, which accents the blossoms beautifully. This ewer is glazed in Roseville's signature rich 'Tropical Green' glaze, with pale rosey pink and yellow blossoms. It is marked 'Roseville, U.S.A.' on the base, along with its shape number 22-6. This lovely ewer is in original factory condition, no apologies.

Roseville Zephyr Lily Sweet Ewer in Tropical Green Glazes

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