This Roseville Wisteria jardiniere stands 5" high by 7" across by 6.5" in diameter. It has a classic form with small rounded handles at its collar. This jardiniere is adorned with a cascading Wisteria blossom on each side. The ground is highly textured, accenting the design beautifully. It is glazed in a ground of blue and amber, rather ethereal in its presentation, with blue dominating, and a bright, rich lavender Wisteria blossom and green leaves on each side. This jardiniere is well marked with its shape number in black grease pencil, and other number codes. It is in original factory condition, with a clay tag/pop on the lower edge of one of the leaves, definitely factory in origin. This jardiniere makes a beautiful presentation!

Roseville Wisteria Jardiniere In Gorgeous Cobalt Blue Glazes 528-5


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