This Roseville Topeo vase stands a tall 10" high by 6" in diameter at the rim and 4.5" at the base. It has a full-bodied form, on a platform base. The design and color on this vase are gorgeous! This vase shades from  a beautiful blue to aqua green at the rim with a mottled white misty veil of frost, and it is finished in a satin matte. The design starts at the collar and it includes five vertical balls, receding in size, which look just like stacked ice cream scoops. These serve as tab decorations and they are placed on the four sides of the vase. This form and design has a great Art Deco feel, which is complemented beautifully with this glaze. This vase is shape number 663, and it still bears its original foil paper label on the base. This vase is in factory original condition, no apologies. This stunning Art Deco vase has it all, form, size, color and condition. It will hug you coming out of the box!

Roseville Topeo Vase in Rich Blue Frosted Glaze Shape 663-10 Original Condition