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This Roseville Art Pottery combination planter in 2-parts stands 4.5" high by 5" square. It has a classic planter with insert form, with a sort of carved window design motif. This vessel is glazed in a signature Roseville mat green glaze, and finished to a smooth satin matte. It is unmarked, except for some pencil notations on the underside, which are uninterpreted. We guarantee this combination planter to be vintage Roseville Pottery identified as shape 215-5 in an early Roseville catalog. This attractive planter and insert is in near original condition, with a factory clay seam split in the rim of the insert, and a glaze pop on one corner of the insert, both shown in the photos. This lovely Roseville Arts & Crafts combination planter makes a very handsome presentation.

Roseville Pottery Arts & Crafts Mat Green Combination 2-Part Planter 218-5

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