This Roseville Morning Glory vase stands 8.5" high by 6" in diameter, and 6.75" handle to handle. It has a beautiful full-bodied form, with handles at the collar. It is adorned with stylized Morning Glories, which float on the surface of the vase with heart-shaped green leaves. The design and color on this vase are gorgeous! This vase is glazed in white, with a brownish wash, which lies in the crevices, accenting the lavender and yellow blossoms, and green leaves very handsomely. It is finished in a satin matte. This vase is well marked with its factory shape number '727' in red pencil, along with its original gold foil paper label and guaranteed to be vintage Roseville circa 1935. This vase is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a simple sliver chip to the inner edge of one handle, which presents beautifully.

Roseville Morning Glory 8.5" Vase In White/Yellow/Lavender Glazes Shape #727-8


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