This Roseville Matte Green bowl stands 4.25" high by 7" in diameter. It has a buttressed bowl form in a great Arts & Crafts presentation.  It is listed as coming from Roseville's 'Ceramic Design' line, shape number 205, which came in two sizes, a smaller 5" bowl and this 7" bowl.  This bowl is glazed in Roseville's signature Matte Green glaze, which is a soft, even matte green with a satin matte finish. It is unmarked, but documented as shape number 205 in the early Roseville catalog, and Mollring's wirebound book, page 45.  It dates to c1916. It is in original condition, with generalized crazing and the usual glaze nuances, all seen in the photos. We've seen the smaller version of this bowl in the past with pencil markings, but this form is often plagued with glaze skips, and this one is not.  This very nicely glazed buttressed bowl makes a very handsome Arts & Crafts presentation!

$OLD! TY! Roseville Matte Green Buttressed Bowl Shape 205 c1916 Original Cond.



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