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This impressive Roseville Imperial II vase stands 7.5" high by 4" in diameter at the rim by 6.5" in diameter on the body. It has a full-bodied ball form with a ribbed collar, a very nice accent. It is glazed in a gorgeous stormy mix of deep red glaze laced with an icy frost of lighter reds, which lays on this vessel beautifully. This is one of Roseville's middle line designs that captures an Arts & Crafts feel, but also shows the transition to Art Deco, an awesome pot. This vase is marked with its shape number in red pencil '471', and guaranteed to be vintage Roseville, circa 1930. It is in original condition, no apologies. This vessel makes a stunning presentation!

Roseville Imperial II Vase In Stormy Red/Turquoise/Green Shape 471 Great Glaze

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