This Roseville Futura vase, nicknamed the 'Mauve Thistle' by collectors, stands 8.25" high by 6" in diameter. It has a full-bodied form on a platform base, and there are long side-hugging handles, which start at the rim and drop to the midline. It is adorned with thistle-like spiny blossoms and vines on both sides, simply stated, yet gorgeous Art Deco in its presentation. Best of all, this vase is glazed in a stunning mauvy pink and lavender misted glaze combination, which is simply striking! This vase is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Roseville Futura, circa 1928. This Art Deco jewel is in near original condition, with a spot in the clay ring under the base, which looks like an unchipped chip, which is of no consequence. This vase makes a stunning presentation!

Roseville Futura Mauve Thistle Vase In Mauve/Lavender Glazes Beautiful