This Roseville Dogwood I or Smooth texture vase stands 10" high by 4" in diameter. It has a beautiful full-bodied form, with Dogwood branches framing the slanted rim like a thicket or bramble of branches. This vase is adorned with cascading Dogwood blossoms on both sides. It is glazed in a ground of rich green, with creamy white blossoms and black/brown thick woodsy branches. This vase is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Roseville, shape number 137-10. It is in near original condition, with a small surface glaze fleck on the rim surface, which was colored over with age or crayon somewhere along life's highway. This harder-to-find Dogwood vessel shape makes a fabulous Arts & Crafts presentation!

Roseville Dogwood I/Smooth Vase Dogwood Blossoms & Branch/Thicket Slanted Rim


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