This Rosevile Ceramic Design bulb bowl/planter measures 3.5" high by 9" in diameter with a 7" opening. It has a 3-handle form with tabbed feet, shape number 316-7, with a great Arts & Crafts squeezebag style decoration. This early bulb bowl/planter is adorned with Waterlily blossoms floating over a pond's surface. It is glazed in a rich creamy white glaze, with very complementary colors in the artwork, all piped in black, a great accent! This bulb bowl/planter is well marked with the prized early Roseville ink stamp reserved for their very early wares, and we guarantee this pot to be vintage Roseville from the early 1900s to the teens. Pencil marks note a price of $7.50, although it was more likely $1.50, and just appears like a '7'.  This bulb bowl/planter is in excellent condition with restoration to short, fine opposing crazing lines at the rim, a nick on one handle, and another on the interior rim. This bowl was used as intended, showing crazing on the interior. It makes a stunning Arts & Crafts presentation!

Roseville Ceramic Design 3-Handle Arts & Crafts Bulb Bowl with Waterlily Motif