This Roseville Bleeding Heart wallpocket measures 8.75" high by 3" deep by 5.5" across. This is one of the prettiest wallpockets ever produced by the Roseville Company! It is adorned with dainty Bleeding Heart blossoms and beautiful leaves. The rim has the tell tale points of the Bleeding Heart pattern, very sweet. It is glazed in Roseville's signature Bleeding Heart blue blushed glazes, just stunning! This wallpocket has a large handle, which arcs over the pocket, adding to its overall gorgeous presentation. It is shape number 1287-8 and it is marked on the backside. This pocket is in original factory condition, with some no harm peppering in the creamy blushed glaze at the rim, mentioned for the sake of accuracy. It will hug you coming out of the box!

Roseville Bleeding Heart Wallpocket In Stunning Blue Blushed Glaze 1287-8