This Roseville Blackberry wallpocket stands 8.25" high by 6.75" across by 2.75" deep.  It has a great form, with a very nicely reticulated backsplash. It is adorned with clusters of Blackberries and leaves, a beautiful autumnal presentation! This wall vase is glazed in the rich green and amber/yellow tones, shading light and dark, really beautiful colors! It is marked with its grease pencil shape number 1267, and guaranteed to be vintage Roseville, circa 1932. It is in near original condition with a tiny glaze flake on the side edge, just as it meets the wall.  This does not detract from the pocket's presentation in the least.  The only one who will know it's there is you.

Roseville Blackberry Wallpocket Wall Vase Shape 1267 c1932-33

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