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This important Roseville Azurean vase stands a monumental 14.75" high by 8" in diameter at its widest, a very large and pleasing form with a flared rim. This vessel depicts a famous oil painting by French artist Jean Francois Millet, 'The Sower'. Like the large original painting, Virginia Adams selected a large form to pay homage to Millet's 'Sower'. With a bag of seed slung over his shoulder and his legs wrapped in straw for warmth, Millet’s peasant strides down the hillside, sowing winter wheat. In the background, an ox-drawn harrow covers the sown seed with soil. The sower’s monumental scale and dramatic pose signaled Millet’s new approach to the depiction of peasant life, emphasizing the dignity—even heroism—of rural labor. This ennobling of the sower echoed the recent enfranchisement of male agricultural workers in the wake of the 1848 French Revolution. This vessel is a wonderful depiction of Millet's famous work both artistically and spiritually. It would be nice to know if the management at Roseville determined the artwork, or if Virginia Adams was allowed to choose what she painted.The Azurean colors in blue over white lay on this vessel quite handsomely, made richer by its mirror gloss finish. This vase is marked with the Roseville 'RPCO' impressed stamp on the base, and it is shape number 931, and a number 7, unknown purpose. Virginia Adams' initials 'VA' are noted on the lower front of the artwork as shown. This vessel is in original condition, with a small factory clay tag on the neckline and some gritty shallow under glaze 'goosebumps' on the neckline's rear side, all shown in the photos and non offensive to this pot. This classic vessel, which celebrates Millet's 'Sower', is nearing 120-years-old. It has been lovingly cared for through the years and presents most handsomely! Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its size. Please ask if questions.

$OLD! TY! Roseville Azurean Vase 'The Sower' after Millet Virginia Adams c1903

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