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Can you say 'Pretty in Pink'! This Roseville Apple Blossom wallpocket stands 8.25" high by 6" across by 3" deep. It has a handled pouch form, with a pleat at the rim, and a branch handle. It is adorned with a single apple blossom in full bloom, and several buds.  The mold and color are fabulous! It looks as if you could pluck the blossom off the face of the pocket. It is glazed in a gorgeous blushed pink ground, shaded in a deeper pink at the base, with a white and pink dotted blossom, and pink buds, simply stunning in its presentation! This wallpocket is well marked 'Roseville, U.S.A.', shape number 366-8. It is in factory original condition, no apologies. This beauty makes a magnificent presentation!

Roseville Apple Blossom Wall Pocket Shape #366-8" in Pink Blushed Glazes

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