This Roseville early bank measures 3" high by 3.5" square. It depicts a Beehive, one of Roseville's early, very rare and very hard-to-find banks. This early Roseville bank is glazed in a rich brown and golden wheat blended majolica-style glaze, and finished to a high gloss. This bank is unmarked, but unmistakeably Roseville, and well documented in the reference books. This bank is in excellent condition, with a small, old surface chip on one corner, which really looks like a factory clay pop, and a nick in the interior coin slot, likely the work of someone trying to retrieve their treasure. If you collect Roseville banks and objects from the early 1900s, this Beehive bank is a rare, rare find in any condition!

$OLD! TY! Roseville 3" x 3.5" Rare Beehive Bank In Golden Wheat Majolica Glazes

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