This Rookwood Vellum vase stands proudly at 9.25" high by 3.5" in diameter. It has a beautifully classic form with a short rolled collar. This vase was decorated by one of Rookwood's best artists, Mr. Carl Schmidt. He decorated this beauty with a large, lush Iris blossom and bud, a simple, yet stunning presentation, and he added leaves and a single bud on the backside. The Iris blossom looks as if it could be plucked from the vase. This vessel is glazed in gorgeous colors starting with a soft grayish blue blush at the rim, which transitions to light creamy aqua blue/green, then shading to a rosey blush at the base. It is well marked and it is dated 1913, a great period for Rookwood Vellums. Carl Schmidt's cipher is noted on the base as well. This exquisitely decorated vase is in original factory condition, with overall generalized factory crazing. If you like Carl Schmidt's talent, you will absolutely love this work of art!

Rookwood Vellum 9.25" Vase 1913 Exquisite Blue/White Iris By Carl Schmidt

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