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These impressive Rookwood bookends stand 5.5" high by 5.5" across by 3.25" wide. These bookends are signature Rookwood designs in the form of Rooks, designed by William Purcell McDonald, a very handsome set. These bookends are glazed in a rich green ground, which thins at the high points, accenting the design beautifully. There are areas with deep green glaze pooling, and this set is finished to a satin mat sheen. These bookends are well marked with the Rookwood logo, shape number 2275 and dated 1943 on the undersides. They bear William McDonald's initials cipher on the rear side. This set is in original condition, no apologies. These 'Rook' bookends would accent any decor, especially an Arts & Crafts setting. They make a signature 'Rook'wood Pottery presentation!

Rookwood Rook Bookends William McDonald 1943 Rich Green Satin Mat Glaze

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