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This Rookwood very rare Tiger Eye glazed ewer stands 7" high by 5" in diameter. It has a classic and rather elegant form with a delicately curved and shapely handle and spout. The 'Tiger Eye' glaze line was produced for a short time. The company introduced the line, whch used a clear glaze over a red clay body, giving the 'Tiger Eye' pieces a rich, deep red coloring, as opposed the the standard glaze brown-hued pots, which were all the rage in the 1880s-90s. In addition, they added a shimmering glaze effect to this glaze line that mimics a shimmer like gold dust, a really beautiful glaze effect. While this line was not experimental, it may as well have been because good examples are few and far between. This lovely ewer was decorated by Miss Harriet Elizabeth Wilcox, whose tenure at Rookwood was from 1886-1907. She decorated this vessel with grapes and leaves with superb precision. The decoration presents as honey golden amber under a veil of clear glaze with a gold dust shimmer that doesn't quit, simply beautiful. This beauty is well marked and dated to 1888 given it's two flames over the Rookwood logo. It bears an 'R' designation for 'Red' clay and Wilcox's initials are noted on the base, along with the shape number 433, and a tiny set of initials for the 'Tiger Eye' designation as 'TE' oor 'TI', hard to tell, and both sets of initials were used on Tiger Eye pieces. This beautiful vessel is in original factory condition, with one minor surface scratch noted on the underbelly, just before the base edge, which is of no consequence. The shadows in the photos are from camera glare, the glaze finish is very uniform.  This Rookwood Tiger Eye ewer makes a beautiful presentation!

$OLD! TY! Rookwood Tiger Eye Ewer d1888 Grapes/Leaves Harriet Elizabeth Wilcox

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