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These Rookwood bookends stand 5" high by 5.5" across by 4.25" wide. These 'Peacock' bookends are a signature Rookwood design in the form of a Peacock standing proudly between gate posts, a design by William McDonald, a pretty, pretty set. These bookends are glazed in a rich teal color, which thins at the high points allowing the clay color to peek through, a nice accent.  They are finished to a satin mat. They are well marked on the base, shape number 2445 and dated 1926. They are in excellent restored condition for two surface nicks, one on a peacock feather and on at the rear base edge. These 'Peacock' bookends present beautifully.

Rookwood Peacock Bookends By William McDonald d1926 In Teal Mat Glaze

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