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These Rookwood bookends stand 5.5" high by 4.5" across by 4.5" wide. These 'Girl on Bench' bookends are a signature Rookwood design in the form of a young girl in a dress smiling at rest, as if exhausted from some activity, a design by William McDonald, a pretty, pretty set. These bookends are glazed in a rich mustard mat color, which thins at the high points allowing the clay color to peek through, a nice accent. They are finished to a satin mat. They are well marked on the base, shape number 2446 and dated 1927. Wiliam McDonald's initials are molded into the clay as shown in the photos. These bookends are in original condition, without blemishes, including chips, flakes or cracks, and no restoration. These very charming 'Girl on Bench' bookends present beautifully. They will hug you coming out of the box!

Rookwood Girl on Bench Bookends By William McDonald d1927 In Mustard Mat Glaze

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