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This Rookwood Decorated Mat/Double Vellum vessel stands a monumental 14" high by 4" across the handles by 4" wide by 5" wide at the platform base. It has a very handsome and pleasing form with a clear Asian Aesthetic, a design by Kataro Shirayamadani. It is a tall stately vessel with handles that mimic a lion's head, along with relief adornments of tiny blossoms. It was decorated by Elizabeth Barrett, whose tenure at the Rookwood Pottery was from 1924-1948. This vase is decorated with an elaborate floral motif, a perfect Arts & Crafts motif with a Japanesque aesthetic, which lays on this vessel beautifully. It is glazed in a very handsome olive ground, shading light and dark, and thinnng at the high points allowing hints of the clay color to peek through the thin veil of glaze from tip to toe. The decoration is exquisite. It has a satin mat finish. This pot is shape number 2650, and it is dated 1923 (likely an undecorated vessel from 1923, dated before Barrett's tenure at Rookwood, which all references cite as beginning in 1924), along with the standard Rookwood cipher on the base. It bears Barrett's initials cipher, a cojoined stylized 'EB' on the base. This vase is in original factory condition, with an 'x' on the underside. We can see no obvious flaws, so perhaps this was marked with an 'x' to keep it out of the sales room for a visiting dignitary, or perhaps for the artist. This handsome Shirayamadani-designed Barrett pot will hug you coming out of the box, it makes a stunning presentation!

Rookwood Decorated Mat/Vellum Vase Elizabeth Barrett d1923 Shirayamadani Design

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