This Rookwood Arts and Crafts bud vase stands 6.5" high by 3" in diameter, and a rim opening of 1.5" in diameter. It has a pleasing 5-sided pentagonal form, with a rolled collar. This vessel is presented in a simple design with tiny blossoms adorning the hip area. The embossed blossoms are covered in glaze, thinning in spots exposing the petals, a great glaze effect. This vase was designed by Kataro Shirayamadani. The glaze is a rich, lush speckled matte blue glaze, which thins at the high points accenting this form beautifully, very handsome. This vase is dated 1931, a 50th Anniversary vase, along with the Rookwood logo, and its shape number 6117 on the base. It is in original factory condition, no apologies.

Rookwood 1931 Bud Vase Shirayamadani Design Shape 6117 in Speckled Blue Glaze


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