This very handsome Guerin pottery 'Egyptian' vase stands 8.5" high by 5" in diameter. It has a very classic form, and it is decorated in classic egyptian motifs all around.  It is organically glazed in a lighter sable brown background, with great use of  black glaze in the decoration, accenting the Egyptian motif very handsomely.  It probably dates to the 1920s-30s, likely commemorating the opening of Tutankhamen's tomb in 1923.  It is marked Guerin, along with its shape number. This very handsome vase is in mint condition, no apologies. This vessel makes a very handsome and organic presentation!  According to online sources, Roger Guérin was a Belgian potter from the village of Bouffioulx, Belgium. He opened his pottery in 1918. His son Jules Guerin joined him, and ultimately assumed the operations at the pottery around 1945.  Roger Guerin died in 1954.

Roger Guerin French Pottery 8.5" 'Egyptian' Vase in Brown/Black Glazes Mint RG39

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