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This gorgeous Art Nouveau ivory porcelain ewer stands a monumental 17.5" high by 7" across by 5" in diameter. It has a very statuesque and slender form with height, yet very graceful in its presentation. It's very feminine presentation is exemplified by a full Iris blossom at its opening with a leaf-shaped handle. The modeling is exquisite. It is hand-decorated with what present like globe thistle floral blossoms with leaves and long stems and beautifully executed yellow blossoms with pink and gold trailing accents, simply stunning. This ewer was sculpted by one of the finest firms of the Art Nouveau period, Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel Amphora, a pottery factory in Trnovany, Czech Republic (Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia Austria.) The company was founded in 1892 by Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel. The mark on this reflects the three owners with the initials “RStK.”  This impressively large ewer was produced at the height of the Art Nouveau movement. It is documented in the reference book 'The House of Amphora' by Richard L. Scott on page 130 in a different glaze treatment. The model number is 3383, a shape from c1899-1900 and decorated c1900-1901. According to Jan Mergl (co-author), this Iris ewer is likely the design of Paul Dachsel. This ewer is in excellent condition. It shows some handling wear on the dusted gold handle with what may be a very good, but old restoration, it presents beautifully. Overall, this Iris porcelain ewer has been well-loved for more than 100 years. It makes a stunning Art Nouveau presentation. Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its large size.

Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel Amphora Ivory Porcelain Iris Ewer by Paul Dachsel

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