This very rare Weller Dechiwo vase stands 12" high by 6" in diameter.  The name De-Chi-Wo was coined to note three themes in the Dechiwo line, including De-devils (satyrs), Chi-children, and Wo-women. This vase depicts a repeating pattern of women picking apples, four in all. It is in excellent condition, with a time-worn patina. There is a factory band of brown glaze at the rim and base, which has some glaze skips, surface flakes and general wear from handling. There is an old nick on a basket handle, all shown in the pix. There are no cracks, hairlines or chips, and no restorations. One of the women is a shade lighter, as can be seen in the photos. It's a pretty scarce design, and probably harder-to-find than the other themes in the Dechiwo line. If you are a fan of Wellers' Teakwood, Burntwood or Claywood lines, this Dechiwo vessel would be a great addition to your collection.

Rare Weller Dechiwo 12" Vase With Women Picking Apples