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This set of three Pigeon Forge Pottery Owls stand 4.75" high by 3" across by 3.5" wide for the big guy, 2.5" high by 2.5" across by 2.5" wide for the middle one and 2" high by 2.25" across by 2" wide for the smaller one. They are each standing at attention, very pensive, just waiting to make their move. This set is glazed in a wonderful blue speckled glaze, with a frosty touch of oatmeal blush and each has a hand-painted face with simply wonderful 'hoot owl' expressions. They are finished in a rich satin mat. They are well-signed 'Pigeon Forge Pottery Tenn.' on their bases. These happy guys are in original condition, no apologies.  If you like Pigeon Forge's Owls, this family will make you smile, they're a 'hoot'!

$OLD! TY! Pigeon Forge Set of 3 Owls in Fabulous Blue Speckled Glazes