This very scarce Paul Revere Pottery salt and pepper set in its original holder measures 2.5" high by 4.25" across by 2.25" wide for the holder, and the salt and pepper measure 2.5" by 1.75" in diameter. The salt and pepper have a classic jug form with a loop handle, and they are made to store in a dual condiment holder with a loop handle. The holder is glazed in a shaded off-white with a blushed turquoise overglaze. The salt and pepper are simple blue and brown jugs, which fit perfectly in the carrier. The holder is markd P.R.P., and the brown jug is also marked P.R.P., along with the date 12.37 for December 1937. The blue jug has an 'x', but no other markings. The brown jug has five holes and no cork, the blue has a sealed top, with numerous holes. The jugs are the exact same size and form, just different tops and the bottoms are also treated differently. It is possible that the blue jug is by another company, but we cannot add any additional points on that. This elusive set is in near original studio condition, with a factory glaze anomaly on the condiment holder that looks like a kiln kiss or glaze burn, where another piece may have fused with it in the kiln, and when separated there was some glaze loss with subsequent roughness. We show this area in the photos. There is a small nick in the top surface by the glaze anomaly, so we think it's possible that this is factory in origin. The jugs are in fine original condition. We've never encountered salt and pepper sets by S.E.G. or P.R.P., so we think this set might be pretty scarce for what it's your chance.

Paul Revere Pottery Salt & Pepper Set in Original Handled Carrier