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This Paul Jeselskis vase stands 8" high by 8.5" in diameter.  It has a large pleasing teardrop form, with a handsome collar.  It is glazed in a crystalline glaze combination with brown and blue, and covered in mocha/amber crystals.  Paul Jeselskis graduated with an MFA in Ceramics from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, in 1987.  He opened his first studio in the Chicago-area in 1989.  He taught at Indiana University and continues to make high-fired porcelain vessels.  His work has earned him numerous awards and he is widely recognized across the United States.  Each vessel is one-of-a-kind given the nature of crystalline glazes.  This vase is in studio mint condition, no apologies.  It comes from the Contemporary Collection of Philip Sartore of Indiana.  It is signed by Jeselskis on the base.  This contemporary studio vase makes a beautiful presentation!

This vase is from the Phillip Sartore Collection of Contemporary Art Pottery, which was on exhibit at the Richmond (Indiana) Art Museum in the early 2000s.  Philip Sartore was a man who was a student of history and art.  He disovered Art Pottery in 1980.  Born with Polio, Philip was confined to a wheelchair, but he never let that get in his way.  He met each artist whose work he collected because the personal connection was part of his collecting passion.  He was working on putting a collection of his contemporary pots together for an exhibit at the Richmond Art Museum in Indiana, when he died unexpectedly at the age of 50.  His family eventually worked with the musum to bring the exhibit, 'Down to Earth', to fruition.  The opening was highly successful, with most all of the artists in attendance.

Paul Jeselskis 8" Crystalline Teardrop Vase P. Sartore Collection C612 Mint

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