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This Rasmus 'Peter' Ipsen vase from Bornholm, Denmark stands 11.5" high by 8.5" across the handles, and 6.5" in diameter. It has a wonderfully shapely and tall form, with a generous palette. It is adorned in an Art Nouveau style motif with four spaced trees eminating at the base and rising to form branch handles, which attach at the neckline. There are leafy clusters in the design, painted by artist Axel Jensen. The design is beautifully modeled, with nicely refined features. This vase is glazed in a rich and vibrant orange and brown combination of glazes, blushed in green on the lower portion of the vessel and very complementary colors in the decoration, which is very handsome in its presentation. This vase is well marked with the Ipsen impressed mark on the base, along with its shape number 543, and series number 'XI'. It is in very good condition, with a fair amount of water scaling, almost like a skin on the interior from use over the years. I trust a good and thorough cleaning of the interior, perhaps vinegar might remove the scaling. There are some crazing lines on the underside, which do not appear to show in the bottom interior, but it is clearly from use and reserved to the underside. This vessel actually presents beautifully on the exterior, just used for fresh flowers for many years. Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its large size.

P. Ipsen Danish 4-Handle Large Vase Art Nouveau Tree Design Axel Jensen

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