This Owens Utopian standard glaze vase stands a mere 4.5" high by 2.5" in diameter. It has a beautiful twisted form, very pleasing to the eye. This vessel is decorated with a beautiful firey orangy-red blossom, perhaps a Rose, with vivid green leaves in thick slip, simply beautiful in its presentation. The artwork is done with superb precision, but it is unsigned. This beauty is glazed in Owens signature standard glaze colors, dominated in a gorgeous orangy-red hue. It is well marked 'Owens', shape 117, and guaranteed to be vintage Owens Utopian, whose shape is well documented on the Owens' references. It is in factory original condition, no apologies. This vessel is a miniature jewel in its presentation!

Owens Utopian 4.5" Twist Vase With Blossom in Orangy/Brown Standard Glazes c1905