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This Owens Lightweight vase stands 5" high by 3" in diameter. It has a simple vase form. Owens Lightweight is akin to Owens' Utopian standard glaze, except is is lighter in weight, with a thinner wall to the pot, and the artwork is superior to standard Utopian glazes. This vase was decorated by Claude Leffler with a sprig of whispy leaves, fine, fine artwork. It is glazed in Owens signature Lightweight colors, rich, deep chocolate brown, almost black, standard glaze with a gorgeous green blush accenting glaze, and very complementary colors in the artwork. This vase is well marked, and it bears Leffler's initials 'CL' on the base, and we guarantee it to be vintage Owens Lightweight. It is in excellent restored condition, with a very good rim surface chip on the rim underside edge. This Owens Lightweight vase makes a very handsome presentation!

Owens 'Lightweight' Vase By Claude Leffler Whispy Leaves

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