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This rather rare Stockton Art Pottery, Rekston bowl stands 2" high by 4.5" in diameter. It has a pinched bowl form with a loosely ruffled rim. This bowl is decorated with green blossoms and leaves, which are delicately painted with tremendous precision, as are most Stockton Art Pottery vessels. The glaze covers the underside, therefore, the marks are not apparent. While we cannot identify an artist, it is fine, fine artwork. It is glazed in Stockton's signature standard glaze colors, rich, deep chocolate brown, almost black, standard glaze with a gorgeous green and amber blush accenting the glaze, with very complementary colors in the artwork. This Rekston bowl is likely marked under the glaze. This item is rare as the Stockton Art Pottery Company was only in production for five years, from 1896-1901, at which point the company was destroyed by fire in Calaveras. This bowl is in excellent original condition, with a factory seam in the ruffle at the rim, which we show in the photos. This Stockton Art Pottery, Rekston bowl makes a superb presentation!

Stockton Art Pottery, Rekston Pinched Bowl Green Blossoms and Leaves c1896-1901

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