This very sweet set of salt and pepper shakers depicts two elephants, a frilly female 'Salt' and a dapper male 'Pepper'.  He measures about 3.75" high by 3.25" across by 2.25" wide. She measures 3" high by 3.25" across by 2.25" wide.  They are glazed in complementary 'cutesy' colors, he with some matte glazing, she in semi-matte satin glazes.  These S&P shakers are clearly a copy of the Ceramic Art Studio set of elephant shakers.  Japan was copying lots of American designs in the 1940s, and this set fits the bill.  They look like the CAS set, including attempts to add fine adoring features to their faces and eyelashes.  He has two shaker holes, she has three. They are very cute!  She is marked 'Japan', and he is marked 'Made in Occupied Japan'. The corks are long gone from this set, but they are in original condition, with the usual glaze nuances, including a teensy black speck on the side of his trunk, likely a firing effect. This set is too cute!

$OLD! TY! Occupied Japan Sweet Elephant Salt & Pepper Set Akin to CAS c1940s


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