This very handsome biscuit jar was made by O & EG Royal Austria.  It measures 7" high by 6" in diameter.  It has a wonderfully ornate form with fine beaded accents at the collar.  It is glazed in a light yellow oil-spotted ground glaze and best of all, it is hand-painted with an Egyptian Revival motif by china-painter 'C.E.R.' as signed in the lidded dome.  Oscar Gutherz started a porcelain decorating business in Altrolau, Bohemia in 1884, using financial backing from the American importer Lazarus Straus & Sons. The company subsequently expanded into porcelain production. In 1898, Oscar's brother, Edgar Gutherz, joined Oscar in the business, which became known as the Oscar & Edgar Gutherz (O. & E.G.) Royal Austria Factory.  In 1918 the Royal Austria Factory ceased to be, so this jar was produced before that time.  I am assuming that because O & EG provided jars to an American company, it is highly likely that they sold blanks to them for sale as china-painting pieces.  Many companies participated in providing their wares for this purpose, so it is not a stretch to think this was acquired by the china painter 'C.E.R.' for her art.  She decorated this jar and lid with a wonderful Egyptian Revivial theme using magnificent colors.  It looks like the monogram on the domed lid could be  a combination of the artists initials, but hard to tell for sure.  Amazingly, this jar has survived the test of time.  It was obviously well-cared for and loved because it is in pristine condition, no apologies.  If you appreciate china-painted wares, you just found a keeper!

O & EG Royal Austria China-Painted Egyptian Revival Biscuit Jar Signed C.E.R.


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