This scarce Norse Pottery mug stands 5.5" high by 5" across the handle by 4" in diameter. It has a classic tankard/mug form. It is handsomely decorated with a geometric motif at the base and along the handle. Norse Pottery was opened in 1903 in Wisconsin, and moved to Illinois in 1904, and it closed in 1913. This mug is glazed in Norse's signature rich, supple deep blackish brown glaze, with bronze and green accents in the patina, made to mimic bronzes. It gives the appearance of metal, like a Clewell piece, but it is made of clay. This vessel is marked 'Norse', along with a shape number code, which looks like '61 L'. It is in factory original condition, no apologies. Norse Pottery is rather scarce as art pottery goes, so here's your chance!

Norse Pottery Mug In Brushed Black/Bronze/Green Patina A&C Motif #61


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