This impressive Nippon vase stands a mighty 11.25" high by 4" in diameter at the base, and 2.5" at the rim opening.  This vase was produced by the Morimura Brothers and it dates to 1911-1921, based upon its mark. It has a classic hexagonal form, simple, yet elegant.  This vase is decorated with wild rose blossoms from tip to toe. Its crowning touch is that it is framed by a rim and base that are gorgeous, in rich gilt trim. It is hand painted in a soft palette, with beautifully complementary colors in the artwork. It is marked with the Nippon Morimura Brothers green 'M' mark on the base. It is in factory original condition, with normal handling wear in the gilt trim. This impressive Nippon vessel, which is more than 100 years old, makes a very pleasing presentation!

Nippon Hexagonal Vase with Wild Rose Blossoms and Rich Gilt Accents