This Newcomb College vase measures 3" high by 4.5" in diameter. It is designated as a hand built vessel, according to its marks.  It is floriform-shaped, with a loosely ruffled flared rim.  It is glazed in a simple palette of mottled pink on the exterior, and a medium blue interior, and finished in a glossy sheen. This vase is well marked 'HCNB', which is Newcomb's mark for a hand built piece, along with an 'M', which indicates that this vase was a mold from a hand built piece. There are some grease pencil marks, which look like the numbers '05' or perhaps '08', likely the date.  It was decorated by Leona Fischer Nicholson, Newcomb's first artist, who was also an independent potter, and it bears her initials 'LN'. She started at Newcomb in 1897 as a student, graduated in 1901, and she worked on and off through to 1929, with time off for marriage and children. She was one of the artists that actually did some work from home over the years. This simple vessel is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a 1/4" surface chip under the rim. This early floriform vase presents beautifully.

Newcomb College Hand Built Floriform Vessel by Leona Fischer Nicholson c1905-08


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