This beautiful Newcomb College candlestick stands a tall 7" high by 4" in diameter, 2.5" at the rim. It has a handsome form, with a collared rim. This candlestick was decorated by Miss Sadie Irvine and it bears her cipher on the base. Her tenure was from 1902 as a student until 1952 when she retired. Sadie Irvine worked as a Newcomb craftsman longer than any other woman in the company. She died in 1970, at age 83. This candlestick is clearly marked LN65, which indicates it was made in 1921. Miss Irvine decorated this beauty with stylized Poppy blossoms and leaves, which encircle the base of the candlestick. This candlestick is glazed in Newcomb's signature deep blue/lavender glaze with beautifully complementary colors in the decoration. This candlestick is well marked with its Newcomb logo and Irvine's cipher, and the number '233', which is its shape number. This wonderful Arts & Crafts candlestick is in original condition, no apologies.  It makes a stunning Arts & Crafts presentation.

Newcomb College 7" Candlestick d1921 Poppy Blossoms By Miss Sadie Irvine