This Minton Hollins Co. Tile Works tile measures 6" square by 1/2" thick. It is a beautiful early transfer tile, which depicts a scene with a Snipe in a marshy setting and bordered in a repetitive design. According to online references, this transfer tile decoration was designed by John Windsor Bradburn. Other sources claim this series was designed by R. W. Edis who sold the design to E. W. Godwin, who in turn sold the design to Minton Hollins Co. Edis’ Decoration and Furniture of Town Houses, 1881, illustrated similar tiles, but they were bordered differently. Regardless of the 'true' designer, this series is beautiful. This tile is transfer-decorated in vivid blue and black, with a really crisp image. It is well marked 'Minton Hollins Co.' on the backside, a No.2 tile. It dates to c1875. Given this tile's age, it is in very good condition, with some surface scratches, which are hard to see in the photos. This tile presents very handsomely in hand, and would be most suitable for framing.

Minton Hollins Co. 6" Tile c1875 Snipe in Marsh Design By John Windsor Bradburn


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